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Many historic churches, chapels and meeting houses are battling to survive. Roofs leak, ancient timbers rot and medieval stonework crumbles.

Now you can help by joining the Ride & Stride adventure. Taking place on the second Saturday in September, this is a sponsored walk, bike ride or drive, where you discover beautiful churches whilst raising money for their repair and preservation.

Ride+Stride is England’s open churches day, but as well as getting out and visiting churches, chapels and meeting houses,  you can also raise money to help churches in good repair.

The idea is to visit as many places of worship as possible open near you and also get sponsored for visiting them.

In 2020, Ride+Stride for Churches takes place on Saturday 12th September.

The sponsorship money you raise is shared 50/50 between the Yorkshire Churches Trust and an individual church of your choice.

You can donate or set up a fundraising page via our Just Giving site:



Download a sponsorship form on which you can indicate the church that you’d like to receive half of the money you raise. Plan your route! You can contact vanbarassociates@gmail.com with your route and we will contact churches on your behalf to see if they will be open.

On the day of the event participating churches are open from morning to late afternoon. Cycling is the most popular way of travelling from church to church, but you can walk, run or use public transport or even go by car – whatever you feel most comfortable doing.


If you’d like to take part then please contact vanbarassociates@gmail.com and we will list your church on our website.

There are no set hours for opening your church – 10am to 5pm works well, longer is even better if possible, but we appreciate whatever you can manage.

Make sure there is someone on hand to welcome visitors. Some visitors may only stop by briefly, but some will want to look around.

If you can lay on refreshments and organise events (say, a guided tour) then so much the better.

There’s no need to restrict your welcome to Ride+Stride participants and it’s a great opportunity for outreach and raising the profile of your church!

2020 materials coming soon.

For further information about the event visit the national the Ride and Stride website.

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