2013 Awarded Grants

The grants committee has met three times this year and it has considered a large range of applications, very few of which were unsuccessful. Subject to the Trustees’ ratification, £100,000 will have been distributed to 41 churches this financial year.

For the last meeting the projects included a disabled cloaks facility, four heating projects, five for roof and seven for masonry repairs (one with roof problems, four involving work to towers).

Every church is visited by a committee member and to provide a fair picture a report is prepared which is then discussed at length at the meeting. It has always been a very difficult judgement deciding how our grant resources are distributed and in what size. One thing is for certain, the amount we give out is never enough so this is where you can help – by personally increasing our funds or getting your friends to do so as this will help more of our special churches. That way for sure, the YHCT will help Yorkshire churches keep going.

For further information on all the churches which received grant this year, we will feature their story on our website in the near future.

By Richard Carr-Archer

YHCT Grants Chairman