AGM and Annual Report 2013

The Trust held it’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 17th May. The event took place in the  Joseph Priestley Hall, at Mill Hill Unitarian Chapel in Leeds City Centre.

The AGM followed the mid Yorkshire group walking tour, which took in 6 churches in Leeds city centre. Over 20 Friends enjoyed visiting Leeds Minster, Holy Trinity, St John the  Evangelist, St  George’s Crypt, St Anne’s Cathedral and finishing at Mill Hill. Renowned local historians Janet Douglas and Alan Petford gave an informative talk at each church and Friends were treated to an organ recital at St Anne’s Cathedral.


In the chair: David Quick

Trustees present: Richard Carr-Archer, Clyde Binfield, John Smith, Peter Johnston, Tony Hesselwood, Malcolm Warburton

Apologies:  Jane Hedley, Tom Ramsden, Lord Crathorne, Rory Wardroper


The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked those who had attended the walking tour. He introduced Vanessa White who had taken on the role of administrator in January 2014. He also extended his thanks to the Mid Yorkshire group for organising the walking tour which preceded the AGM, reflecting on the contrasts between the 6 churches that had been visited.

Chairman’s remarks:

The chairman looked back on the events of 2013, noting the cancellation of the presentation by the Archbishop of York, due to ill health. Particular mention was made of the 25th anniversary celebration service at Wakefield, which acted as a worthy marker of the Trust’s silver jubilee. The chairman referenced the events of 2014, including the very successful Sarah Brown Lecture in York in March and the walking tour in Bradford in April. Forthcoming events in 2014 were noted, including the Ampleforth tour, which is now full. Clyde Binfield introduced a lecture taking place on 20th October and a walking tour on 25th October, of 2 Cathedrals in Sheffield, that have all recently undergone refurbishment.

The chairman explained how the Trust was trying to cut down on administration costs by using email for correspondence as much as possible, but noted that there would always be the option of paper based correspondence for those not on email. He extended thanks to the Trustees for their continued hard work, and to the Friends for their support.

The treasurer presented a summary of accounts for year ending 31 December 2013 as published in the Annual Report. Incoming resources remained fairly consistent with 2012, apart from one individual one off donation of £23,226. Thanks were extended to the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation for their continued support and donation.

The 2013 Ride and Stride incoming had been a bit disappointing, with the knock on effect of there being less grant aid recoverable in 2013. The chairman pointed out that work was being done to promote Ride and Stride, and a student would be working with the Trust to try to ensure it is more successful and profitable in 2014.

The cost of running the Trust in 2013 had included a one off payment for website development, but the incoming resources had enabled the trustee to award grants of £105,650 over the year.

The treasurer explained how the trustees had decided to invest a number of legacies in order to build up an investment fund, which in turn produces an income for grants. The investments have done well in recent years and the trustees have therefore been able to commit £100,000 for grants in 2014, as well as the £50,000 for jubilee grants, which have yet to be spent. The general increase in investment values and a further 5 year commitment from the Bramall Foundation ensures income will be maintained in the short term.

The chairman reminded members about the date for this year’s Ride and Stride, 13th September, and there being no further questions, the meeting closed.

A full copy of the annual report can be viewed here Annual report web version