Is Sheffield Cathedral Sheffield’s Pantheon?

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Join the YHCT South Yorkshire area group on Saturday 18th February for an illustrated consideration of memorials, ancient and modern in settings,  sacred and secular.

Sheffield certainly has some magnificent memorials, and these provide the starting point for an illustrated talk by Christopher Spencer, Professor Emeritus in Environmental Psychology at the University of Sheffield. How do we make memories last? What is the right place and style for memorials? How is our need to commemorate met beyond the sacred settings? Christopher Spencer take us from brass plates on park benches to elaborate re-enactments of history, from the naming of streets and buildings to murals in public places and Sheffield’s own Walk of Fame, each star outside the Town Hall honouring stars from the community.

The event will take place on Saturday 18th February, from 11am – 1pm in the Conrad Hilton Room at Sheffield Cathedral.  Admission is £7.50, proceeds will be shared between the Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust and Sheffield Cathedral. Coffee and refreshments can be purchased before and after the event in the Cathedral’s excellent café. A self-guided tour sheet will be provided for those who wish at their own leisure to explore issues raised during the talk.

Booking form here.