Places of Worship – Not Just For the Faithful

Churches, COVID-19 & Communities Project May 2021

Dr Kate Giles, a YHCT trustee, was one of two principal investigators who have led a research project looking at the impact of COVID -19 on churches and communities. The results show the wide ranging role of the church in the community, and the creativity the church has embraced to in order to come up with ways to respond to the needs of members and wider communities.

Over 5000 people were surveyed and interviewed, exploring:

The impact of closing church buildings and restrictions on activities provided or hosted by churches on the lives and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

How churches have been able to respond creatively to COVID-19 challenges and adapt to meet new circumstances and needs. Assessing the potential of church buildings and networks to support recovery and community resilience in the future.

Identifying the key resources needed to mobilise these assets fully.

The surveys and interviews provide insights which are illuminating, and often moving, as individuals detail the impact on their lives of COVID-19 and the loss of core support structures; the challenges they now face; and the key factors that will help their communities recover.  

Read the executive summary and full report here: