Ride+Stride 12th September 2020

The Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust runs the Ride +Stride on the second Saturday of September each year to raise money both for the Trust and for the participating churches, with half of the sponsorship money going to each.  This year, with many churches closed for so long it is even more important.  Churches have lost income from services and other fundraising events and buildings deteriorate when not in use.

Ride +Stride is key to enabling the Trust to continue to give grants to churches and chapels for the care of their buildings, which are so important in the lives of our towns and villages.  The Trust is non-denominational and Ride +Stride is supported by many different denominations.  Grants are available to any place of public Christian worship of whatever age.  The church’s share of the money raised can be used for any of the church’s activities, not just building projects.  It is open to everyone to take part, whether church-goer or not. bikers, hikers and other visitors, whether by car, mobility scooter or horse.

This year things will be different.

The objective is still to visit as many churches and chapels as you can to obtain sponsorship for your efforts.  However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic –

  • Churches may not be open
  • There may not be anyone to welcome you
  • There may not be refreshments
  • Toilets may not be available
  • Sign the register of visitors and sign your own sponsor form
  • Take your own pen
  • Don’t worry if there is no register 
  • You might want to take a photo to show where you have visited

After the event, everyone who has taken part should submit the money to the YHCT Treasurer using the remittance form which also asks for details needed by YHCT to return the church’s share of the money. 

Sponsorship money can be gift-aided, which increases the amount by 25% courtesy of the tax man.  This gift aid is kept by the Trust to add to the money available for grants. 

The Trust uses JustGiving to make it even easier to collect sponsorship money.  Any participant can create a page on JustGiving and use email or social media to encourage friends and relatives to sponsor their efforts.

We encourage folk of all ages to take part but do be aware of personal safety and take appropriate care.

  • Follow Government guidance on Covid-19, extant at the time
  • If you enter a church, touch as little as possible
  • Take hand sanitiser
  • Take your own refreshments
  • Remember the Highway Code
  • Use off road routes where possible

Stay safe and enjoy the day.