St Helen’s, Skipwith

The Grade I listed church of St Helen’s at Skipwith is of Anglo-Saxon origin and was first documented in 1084. The most significant feature of this church is its south round-arched plank door with decorative 13th century ironwork, which was restored in the 19th century.

Sadly, in 2018, the aisle leadwork was stolen from the roof at St Helen’s, which left the church very vulnerable to the elements. Although the insurance would cover the lead theft reinstatement, the church made the smart move to improve the gutters at the same time. A fundraising campaign was already underway to raise money for the future roof repairs, but the YHCT was happy to award £2000 in October 2019 for the gutter improvement works, to future proof the building and prevent later water damage.

This impressive, well-loved local church is now in good shape. The YHCT are always keen to help churches with their maintenance, recognising the importance and advantage of keeping church buildings in good repair.