St John’s Minskip

St John’s in Minskip, near Boroughbridge, received £3,300 in October 2022 to tackle damp.

Robert Beaumont, churchwarden at St John’s, said the grant “means the world to our little church”,

Mr Beaumont said damp threatened the structure of the church, and was also damaging the interior. He added:

“Specifically, faulty drains and a broken bell tower are causing peeling walls and discolouration inside, as well as a damp exterior.

“In addition, a couple of windows are broken and the floor is uneven in places. Whilst we are able to hold and enjoy our services, the structure of the church has been worrying us for some time.

“We have undertaken some serious fundraising which, together with this grant, will enable us to pay for the whole regeneration project. We have a very strong and committed church council and we have already raised £3,000 towards this specific project.