St Mark’s Newby, Scarborough

£3000 in April 2018 towards roof replacement and rainwater goods.
Church re roofed and re wired – a new home for the bats too!
Built in the mid 1930s, St Mark’s Church has been at the centre of its local community for over 80 years and the church building has played a part in the lives of many people in all kinds of ways.

In 2013, the church embarked on a major fundraising effort to replace the ageing church hall, ensuring it could continue to be a valuable community resource for many more years to come.

By 2015, over £30,000 had been raised thanks to the generosity of the parishioners and the local community.

It was a real blow, when later that year, the church learnt that the roof needed to be replaced. The money raised for the church hall had to be diverted to the roof appeal, and another £60,000 was required. The YHCT were delighted to be able to assist with the fundraising effort.

After a 12 month delay because bats were found, the remaining money has been raised, the re-roofing is now complete, and two luxury bat boxes have been installed to provide them with new roosts!

The church is now ‘watertight and weather proof’ for the foreseeable future. It is also a lot warmer and energy efficient as the roof space has been fully insulated.

It is great to see that the church can now continue to provide a place of worship and be a venue for community events for years to come.