St Marys Church, Huggate, Maintenance and Restoration

The PCC of St Marys Church, Huggate, East Yorkshire applied to the YHCT for grant aid to help towards the cost of repairing the building drainage; entrance porch and surrounding pathways.

Overall the work done in 2013 has cost £30,000 which was raised over the preceding years from donations and many and various fundraising events to include flights in a helicopter offered as part of the 2013 Summer Fair. The active PCC is well supported by the residents in keeping this Grade 1 listed building in good order for the future.

The work in 2013 had to be done as the first stage of an ongoing project to enable the wider use of the building by the community. The PCC have plans to remove the first two rows of pews on the north side of the Church and one row on the south side to create a small performance area at the front of the Church. We also plan to add a kitchen area and create a small meeting room behind the organ

The PCC would like you to come to Huggate and view a little gem deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds.