St Nicholas Church, Bawtry

St Nicholas Church in Bawtry is a Grade I listed church built in 1189, with additions made in the 14th and 15th centuries and with the tower rebuilt in the early 18th century. The church features a beautiful 16th century oil painting depicting the flight of Joseph, Mary and Jesus into Egypt and impressive stonework in the 13th century east window with carved moulding said to be one of only two of its kind in the country. The church receives many visitors and the graveyard has links with the Pilgrim Fathers.

The church suffered an unexpected tower roof collapse in 2017 following heavy rain, and a temporary cover was installed. However, this roof is now leaking again and a full repair is needed. Since the tower collapse, the bells have not been able to be rung, and scaffold poles have had to be fitted to keep the area safe.  The local community are said to be looking forward to the sound of the bells once again. 

Robin France, from St Nicholas, said: “With a collapsed tower roof and a temporary repair, which is leaking, we have not been able to ring the bells or keep the area safe and dry. Thanks to the grant from the YHCT , along with other contributors and local fundraising, we are delighted to be able to begin the repair works and the community are looking forward to hearing the sound of the bells again”.

The YHCT were delighted to award the final £7000 to their fundraising appeal, to ensure the works can now be undertaken.