Upper Ryedale Ride +Stride Success

George Gyte, PCC Secretary for the Parish of Upper Ryedale, tell us about the fantastic fundraising achieved by the Parishioners for Ride +Stride.

“What a successful day we had on 9 September! Despite the sweltering heat we had 23 intrepid walkers (including 3 children!), two runners and a lone cyclist who successfully strode and rode the inaugural opening of the Upper Ryedale Parish Trail. This new trail runs from St John’s, Bilsdale, connecting All Saints, Hawnby, All Saints Old Byland, St Mary’s, Scawton, to finish at St Michael’s, Cold Kirby.

Lots of water was consumed during the day.  Tony, churchwarden, sent everyone off to a fine start at St John’s, Bilsdale. Striders and our rider enjoyed a welcome coffee, cake (thanks Joyce!) and water at Moorgate. They were greeted by Ben, churchwarden at All Saints, Hawnby where Ivan the walker rang the church bells! It was tough going up the valley to Murton Grange where more water was consumed. Packed lunches, tea and more water were enjoyed in Joyce Garbutt’s Garden at Old Byland. Then, our intrepid walking group set off down Nettledale across the valley and up through Spring Wood to meet Dorothy, churchwarden at St Mary’s, Scawton, before heading down Flassen Dale and up to St Michael’s, Cold Kirby to be met by Honor, churchwarden, at the finish.

Hawnby Church

Everyone was hot and tired but tucked into refreshments and a drink of fizz to celebrate, at Cold Kirby Village Hall. Before too long talk turned to next year and doing it again!

Our cyclist John and two runners Nicola and Judith completed their trails in 3 hours! So, many congratulations to them for such stunning performances in such intense heat.

Sponsorship raised by our team of walkers, runners, and cyclist totals more than an astonishing £1,600. This is shared 50:50 between our parish churches and the YHCT, who use their 50% money to give grants to churches like ours to deal with repairs and restoration work. This was a great team effort, and we must thank everyone who took part, everyone who helped and everyone who sponsored. Special congratulations to 4-year-old Jack and 2-year-old Grace for the difficult trail section they completed around Hawnby, and to 10-year-old Amélie for completing the whole trail in such heat! Special thanks to Joyce and Mal, without whose fieldwork, planning, local knowledge and determination, this trail would not be possible”.

The YHCT are very grateful to everyone who took part and raised so much for Trust. We look forward to you doing it all again next year!

Ladhill Gill Bridge